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Kettlebell Workout

The Athlete

Whether you are a professional athlete, student athlete or a weekend-warrior, we are committed to helping your body restore and prepare for optimal & peak performance for your next competition. Our athletes know that longevity not only exists within the sport, but most importantly, in life after sport!

Firehouse Gear

The First Responder

Your job is literally to put everyone else before yourself, but not at ROOTS Health & Wellness. Here we will ensure that YOU are the priority, and that you have the tools to put your best foot forward as the most optimally functioning version of yourself in any emergency situation. As first responders, stress across the board typically runs HIGH. We will assess this in-depth, in addition to prioritizing the mental, emotional & spiritual balance of the body in conjunction with our other foundational pillars of health.

Family Portrait

Our Military & Their Families

When one member of your family is in the military, everyone plays an important role in his or her service. Our holistic approach provides a natural way to treat pain, boost energy, cope with anxiety or depression, and attend to a whole host of other concerns that are unique to military families. Our brave service men and women are often exposed to countless elements that directly affect their health at a cellular level for extended periods of time (ie: mold, heavy metal exposures, unpurified water, etc.). It is imperative that we provide the appropriate care, tools and resources to these brave men & women!

Talking on the phone

The Busy Business Owner

Ready to take your business to the next level? Don’t let your personal health ailments cripple you from following your passions and crushing your goals! Your health directly affects the bottom line, so prioritize accordingly!

Woman Working

The Auto-Immune Detective

You may be coping with an autoimmune disease like Hashimoto’s, Celiac Disease or Inflammatory Bowel Disease. You most likely spend a lot of time on Google looking for why you have this condition and suggestions on minimizing symptoms, but you’re not really sure what’s worth your time and money. We’ll uncover hidden stressors and identify healing opportunities during our investigative work together. Your bio-individual plan will be specifically designed for your body's biochemistry & physiology, and it will deliver sustainable results for life

Sad on Couch_edited.jpg

The Anxious & Depressed

Are you feeling a lack of motivation? Maybe you're feeling too anxious to be around other people? Or maybe you are losing focus at work and having a hard time concentrating on getting things done? Not feeling like yourself at all? We can help optimize your mental health and overall brain function! Our holistic approach to health care takes your mental health into great account. This is one of the main pillars of our foundational work together. When thoughts & emotional physiology are imbalanced, it is extremely easy to feel anxiety, depression, mood swings, irritability, and more. We have focused lab tests that can explain the activity of your neurotransmitters and a variety of natural medicines to help stabilize mood and not allow your thoughts to get the best of you.

Upset Stomach

The Never-Ending Gut Pain

Uncomfortable every time you eat? Unsure if you are sensitive to a food? Questioning why you have gas or bloating and/or inconsistent bowel movements? We have more than one solution to help get to the bottom of this. Functional Medicine Practitioners believe gut health is the foundation for all optimal health, so we take this topic very seriously! ROOTS Health has countless effective testing options that warrant excellent professional recommendations to help you uncover hidden stressors and healing opportunities as you get to the root cause of your health ailments.

Lazy Morning

The Tired of Feeling EXHAUSTED

Feeling run down and tired of pushing yourself to get through the day? Are you absolutely drained at the end of a workout? Been told you have "adrenal fatigue" or want to learn more about what that means? Exhausted but can’t seem to get a good night's sleep and wake up refreshed? Let’s find solutions to rejuvenate your energy and resiliency. You deserve to feel alive and energized! You deserve OPTIMAL performance!

 Young Woman Contemplating

The Frustrated Patient with Thyroid Disease

Frustrated with being told “everything looks fine” on your Thyroid tests? Do you have unexplained fatigue or weight gain? We offer comprehensive thyroid testing and healing modalities to help you navigate this tricky path.

Family Portrait

The Family Affair

Are you unsure if natural treatments can help your kids? Don’t even doubt it for a second! Some of the most profound results come with our pediatric population as they react beautifully to natural therapies. We provide pediatric-friendly functional testing options and safe, non-invasive treatment options for the kiddos. We love teaching parents how to help keep their kids healthy at home. We see the most long-lasting benefits when we get to see the parents and children. When everyone is on the same page helping one another, everyone wins!

Checking Weight

The Weight Struggle

Can’t understand why you are putting on those extra pounds? You feel like you are doing everything right – eating well, exercising but can’t figure out WHY your metabolism hasn’t gotten the message! We hear this story all the time! With our thorough lab work, we can uncover causes and identify hidden stressors that may be contributing to your health struggles. No two people are alike, so your treatment will be individualized to your body's biochemistry and specific physiology + lifestyle and any imbalances your labs reveal.

Stomach Ache

The Hormone Imbalanced

Tired of mood swings, weight gain, hair loss, acne, low sex drive, irregular cycles, or just feeling hot and flashy? Let's test and not try to guess what's happening! Let us help you begin your journey back to your "old self".

Stressed Man

The Overworked Professional

Struggling to find balance between your personal and professional life? Pushing yourself to burn the candlestick at both ends? Feel like you're on the verge of complete and total burnout? We can help! Our goal is to restore your body to homeostasis so that you can achieve optimal performance, higher productivity and mental clarity. Better health equals better results, period!

Working from Home

The On-the-Go, Overtired, Overworked Mom

Juggling being a mom, wife, professional, daughter, sister, and/or caretaker? You are not alone! Let’s make your health and needs a priority so that you can continue helping others. You MUST prioritize your self-care & nourishment in order to be the very best version of yourself, mama!

Doctor and patient

The Proactive Patient

Ready to take control of your health and prevent your health from taking control of you? Whether you are prepping for a test, a baby, a marathon, or simply life, we can help you exceed your goals. Let's optimize your body's performance!

Dog Portrait

...and anyone else ready to take on this beautiful, holistic journey to optimal health!

Please feel free to reach out to us WHEN you are ready.

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