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Herbal Medicine
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Lab Work Consultation

The RHW Longevity Protocol - VIP Package

The RHW Longevity Protocol - Jumpstart Package

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How It Works

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Book Functional Assessment Call

If you select a Functional Medicine Practitioner, the next step is to book an initial call to determine if this is a good fit for you, what you are looking to achieve and what your next steps are.

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Fill Out Assessment Forms

Should you & your practitioner agree to move forward, you will then fill out all of the forms that your Practitioner recommends in an effort to understand your WHOLE Health Picture.

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Lab Testing

Your Practitioner will order your labs for you and have them shipped right to your front door. You will be provided with all necessary instructions for completion upon receipt.

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Lab Reviews & Clinical Education

Upon receipt of lab results, your Practitioner will provide you with a review of the findings from the from your functional lab work and explain how all of these results may be correlating with the symptoms that you may be experiencing. Your Practitioner will then explain what the suggested path will be to begin moving your body back towards homeostasis and ultimately optimizing your health.

Herbal Medicine

Review Holistic Recommendations

Your Practitioner will explain the lifestyle changes that will be suggested based on your lab work. You will discuss changes in diet & nutritional guidance, resting rituals, exercise regimens, stress reduction steps and practitioner-grade supplement recommendations that will help your body begin its healing journey.

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Check-ins & Follow Ups

At this stage, you will schedule regular coaching and review sessions with your Practitioner to ensure that you are supported and successful. Your Practitioner will observe any changes as you continue on your individualized protocol, and you will be prompted to schedule for retests in an effort to monitor improvements in your functional health markers.

Begin your holistic health journey now.

How We Help: Services
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