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Meet the Founder

Bryanna Lindly Austin

Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner

Board Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner

Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner

Hello, my friends!

WELCOME to the virtual home of ROOTS Health & Wellness! My name is Bryanna Lindly Austin. Most of my people call me Bry (unless I'm in trouble!). ;) I am a proud mama & wife, an avid puppy/doggy/animal lover, an obsessor of the outdoors, a thrill seeker, a travel enthusiast, a business owner and a lover of all things holistic health, peace, love and kindness. Professionally, I am a Board Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner. In my spare time, I'm almost always continuing my education somehow. Most recently, I am finishing up all of my recertifications with NASM since many of my patients are athletes of all levels. I am also currently pursuing my Naturopathic Medical Degree! I am consistently working on balancing my mind, body and soul (self-care) with being a mama, a business owner and a wife. IT'S HARD! I can't be the only one who feels this way though...? Anyone else?

I’ve been practicing alternative medicine since 2014 after undergoing a career change following my own health scare that same year. Truthfully, I have been battling for optimal health since 2014, and arguably even LONG before then. I cannot even begin to try to tell you how many different doctors & specialists I had seen before finally becoming a Functional Medicine Practitioner myself! Nor can I tell you how many ER visits we have had in the middle of the nights due to scares, or how much money we have spent on the Western Medicine "healthcare" model...only to be told EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. that everything was "normal". "Your lab work looks GREAT!", they said. "You are one healthy lady, Bry! These are great numbers on your labs!", they said. "Nothing is wrong with you, these labs are perfect!", they said. "You're so lucky to have such great health!", they said. Even my own family thought I was cuckoo. But the thing is....I NEVER FELT WELL. I KNEW SOMETHING WAS WRONG. I hadn't felt like myself for YEARS. Yet...none of these professionals and experts could tell me what was wrong. They would even turn me away and send me home telling me that it was all in my head!! I'm now here to tell you the following:






I digress, slightly.

In 2019, I was apprised about a program that would later allow me countless opportunities to learn about the human body on so many levels (shout out to my college Professor, Derek Marks, for this!!!!). It was a gold mine for my nerdy self! Most importantly, I learned how to deeply interpret lab work on both a functional and cellular level. This was LIFE CHANGING. Since then, I have been working with people around the globe to guide them in changing their lifestyles and goals so that they align with striving for longevity through optimizing their health.

With this program came the empowering education that allowed me to find the root causes for what was going on with my own body. What did I find, you may be wondering? Why was I completely depleted & exhausted all the time with globs of hair falling out, raging migraines and vertigo, countless miscarriages, insane weight gain, a cellular health of a 96 year old (literally), insanely painful and irregular menstrual cycles, numbness on one side of my body, blurred vision, loss of speech, loss of memory, lack of motivation, inability to recall specific words, floaters, POTS, crazy skin changes, accelerated aging, and so much more?? Mold toxicity. Candida. Dysbiosis. Mineral Imbalances. Heavy Metal Toxicities. Lyme Disease. EBV. Leaky Gut. Parasitic Infections galore, etc., etc., etc...and let me tell you - NOT A SINGLE DOCTOR EVERRRR mentioned the things that I've learned about as causal factors to what I now just call "Metabolic Chaos". My body was literally shutting down. It was failing to combat the inflammation and stress that was ever-present. My organ systems were slowing and beginning to not complete daily tasks. I WAS EXHAUSTED. Not to mention the emotional toll that all of this has taken on myself and my family. Depression is a real b*tch sometimes! (Please excuse my French.) There were literally hundreds of days where I did not even get out of bed. I just wanted to hide. God Bless my husband and son!!

Fast forward to today, and I am beyond blessed to say that I am feeling MUCH better thanks to understanding my own lab work, being able to statistically track my improvements from retesting and to changing my lifestyle entirely by addressing my diet, rest practices, exercise regimens, stress reduction and supplement intake based on my lab work. I've been on specific protocols that directly address these root cause issues, layer by layer. Through this, I'm reminded that our bodies are constantly changing. There will never be a time where "nothing is wrong", but at least I now have a way to keep a close eye on things that I can control. Health is a lifestyle, not a quick fix, and our bodies are absolutely amazing vessels. To be honest, I can't even recall the last time I've actually been to a doctor (thankfully). Don't get me wrong - Western Medicine absolutely has a place and we NEED it, but I am beyond grateful to have obtained the knowledge (much of it from my own experiences) that I now have to work towards a lifelong dream of mine - helping people live their lives optimally and achieving longevity at any stage of life through medicine. 

In my practice, I strive to cultivate a community full of honesty, support, love, encouragement and hope. My goal is to provide my patients and my community with clinical education in order to empower them to be [STRONG] health advocates for themselves and for their families! It's a crazy journey (and a very confusing world that we live in), but I'm SO honored that you're here with me! Buckle UP, my friends....true healing IS. ACTUALLY. POSSIBLE....but I'm not going to lie to ain't easy! The approach to truly healing holistically takes time, commitment, work, money, a consistently positive mindset and an open-minded attitude. 

As a former competitive athlete, I understand the frustrations that arise when things do not go as planned, especially when you have been training for as long as you have. Life has its way of humbling us, that's for sure! BUT...NEVER let someone make you feel like you are wrong about your own body! YOU KNOW BEST! NEVER give up on searching, finding & getting answers for your health! Your life literally depends on it, and we've only got one!! If you are reading this, I encourage you to give Functional/Alternative/Holistic  Medicine a chance to help you. You owe it to yourself to take the chance on exploring new healing modalities to improve your health! As Wayne Gretzky so brilliantly stated once, "You miss 100% of the shots you don't take." This is a shot worth taking, my friends.

I'm grateful you're here, and I am very excited to get to know you! Thank you for visiting, and I hope you enjoy my personal photo montage! :) Clearly, I love my family! :) 

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